A Peek Into Tempt Me Deadly

TEMPT ME DEADLY was such a fun book to write because in so many ways, it’s different from a regular romance since the hero and heroine can’t actually touch.

I love Petra. She bears a horrible curse, but she’s not self-pitying at all. Even though the feelings she starts to have for Nick are pretty much impossible. Even if (when??) their attraction peaks, how can they take if further without touch? It sounds incredible, but even despite that barrier, this book has some SERIOUSLY SEXY scenes!

Here’s an early peek at Petra’s developing attraction for Nick!

She squinted at him, suddenly intrigued by Nicholas as a man, and not merely an advocate. For more than a month she’d met regularly with him as he’d briefed her case. She’d noticed his good looks—because how could you not? And she’d been impressed by how damn smart he was.

But she’d never thought about what it would be like to touch him. What would be the point?

Her life was her life, and she’d learned to live with it. Having to go grocery shopping in the middle of the night when the crowds were thin. Avoiding opening night at the movies. The unyielding precautions, the constant awareness that even a gentle caress was impossible. All part of the parcel that made up her life. And it wasn’t better when she was fully clothed. Technically, she could touch, but cloth could tear. She shuddered; she’d learned that years ago in the most horrible way possible.

And even if being covered made the touch one hundred percent safe, cloth wasn’t warm. Wasn’t flesh on flesh. She could never have flesh on flesh.

Most of the time she didn’t mind it. Except late at night, when she couldn’t sleep, and the dark stretched out in front of her. Then she wondered what it would be like to share her life with someone other than her brother. Someone who’d chosen to be with her. Who loved her.

Someone who could touch her, and whom she could touch back.

On those nights, she’d hug her pillow tight and think about what she did have. A brother who loved her. A house with a flower garden. A job she was good at.

And a long list of sorcerers and witches to track down one by one, with the fervent hope that one could remove her curse. Fight magic with magic. Bury it. Hide it. Change it. She didn’t care, as long as she was free of it.

So far, she’d found no one with magic strong enough to change her.

Until she did, she wouldn’t think about men.

That had been her creed since puberty, and although she sounded like a commercial for a fish-without-a-bicycle philosophy, it really was the truth. Men weren’t on her radar. She hadn’t let them be on her radar.

Today her radar was fighting back.