What’s a girl to do?

Okay, folks. It is a JUNGLE out there. I mean, seriously. I feel like I’m wandering through dense foliage, but all the leaves and other greenery are made from books and television shows. (Don’t get me wrong; I love movies. But they don’t seem to be breeding at quite the crazy pace of the others.)

And don’t get me wrong on this, either: I LOVE books. I LOVE binging television. Basically, I LOVE stories. But I’m starting to have sensory overload!

How to I choose? Do I need to give up sleep TO choose? Could I wear headphones at night and wake up with all the content from WEDNESDAY in my head? Or listen to the latest Jennifer Armentrout book and know the entire story?

What’s a girl who wants All The Stories to do?

Seriously, folks. I’m really asking.  How do you choose what to read and what to watch? How do you fit it all in and still eat, sleep, hang with friends, have wild monkey sex, take care of kids (the result of the aforementioned monkey sex), and do your regular job?

it's a jungle out there (books and tv)

I have no answers, but I do have one dirty little secret: I watch Netflix speeded up. Not so much the actors sound like whispering demons, but just enough to knock a few precious minutes off a show. So thank you, Netflix, for finally adding that feature. SO much easier than before when I had to hack how to do it in my browser!

So there you go. I’m overwhelmed and I cheat. How about you?